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Last updated: 15th October 2020

All SRO/Circular

BB Foreign Exchange circular no.-21  Date: 16 May 2019

BB Foreign Exchange circular no.- 35  Date: 22 Sep 2019

Determination of service charges and other fees per one-stop service of Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority - Date: 24 September 2020

SRO NO.058

SRO NO. 191

SRO NO. 203

SRO NO.212

SRO NO.213

SRO NO.214

SRO NO.228

SRO NO.229

SRO NO.235

SRO NO.236

SRO NO.284

SRO NO.300

SRO NO.301

SRO NO.302

SRO NO.303

SRO NO.352